Donna Hubbard Professional Makeup Artistry and Skin Wellness
Makeup  Artistry and Skin Wellness Services
  Donna Hubbard  Certified Nurse Practitioner, Makeup Artist 
About Me
Hello, I am a licensed Nurse Practitioner in the state of sunny Alabama.
I have been involved in medical services for over 30 years, and in the last six years I began specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prescriptive therapy for skin care issues such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis.
After working with teens having these issues, I realized that these conditions have a tremendous negative effect on self esteem.  I expanded my practice to include makeup artistry to assist in giving these adolescents the tools they need to further improve the look of their skin. I assist them in learning the proper application of makeup for adequate coverage of certain areas, and accenting other areas, that is not too heavy for the school environment.
Adolescence is such a critical stage of development, and having positive experiences in this tender time is so important! I also do wedding makeup on the side. 
My Credentials:
My credentials are licensure in the state of Alabama as a nurse practitioner. Working with a collaborating physician, I can diagnosis and treat conditions, and prescribe medications.
My makeup artist credentials are originally just an extreme interest in makeup. Then I started doing weddings at my sister’s wedding venue, Rosabelle Manor just north of Atlanta, Georgia 108 King St, Adairsville, GA 30103
Later I completed a Makeup Artist certification online. 
The cost of adolescent care and instruction is included in the office charge for the medical skin care services.  
Wedding makeup services costs are charged by the job, depending on the number of clients involved.
I reside in Rainbow City, Alabama. This is two hours west of Atlanta, and 1 hour east of Birmingham. I am willing to travel to the metro Atlanta area, and all over the state of Alabama.
To set up an appointment call my private phone 256-390-7358.
I work in a clinic in Blountsville Alabama, but it is owned by a company and I can't use their name in my site.